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This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to build five Space Marine Devastators, one of which can be optionally assembled as a Space Marine Devastator Sergeant, with three Sergeant heads included. The poses these models can be assembled in are classic Devastator poses, with targeter helmets and castellated greaves designed to counter the immense recoil thrown out by their heavy weapons. Speaking of heavy weapons, the Devastator squad features an "incredible" array of the Imperium’s finest. Included in this squad: 2x Space Marine Grav-Cannon and Back Pack Assemblies; 2x Space Marine Missile Launcher and Back Pack Assemblies; 2x Space Marine Multi Melta and Back Pack Assemblies; 2x Space Marine Lascannon and Back Pack Assemblies; 2x Space Marine Plasma Cannon and Assemblies; 2x Space Marine Heavy Bolter and Back Pack Assemblies; 1x each of Combi Plasma, Combi Melta, Combi Grav, Combi Flamer, Bolter and Storm Bolter; 1x each of Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw, Chainsword and Thunder Hammer; 1x each of Plasma pistol, Bolt pistol, Grav pistol. 5x Purity Seals, 2x Servo Skulls, a pile of spent shells, a skull base piece, 10x Space Marine targeting helmets, 6x sets of legs, 6x Sergeant hands and 8x Space Marine shoulder pads round out this immense collection of components.
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