SAGA: Age of Crusades

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SAGA Age of Crusades is a SAGA Supplement which covers the wars of faith fought in the West and the East from the First Crusade to the Mongol invasion of Europe. This Universe offers 12 factions from the period covering each arena of battle, each one accompanied by its Battle Board, its legendary units and its special rules. The book also provides you with auxiliaries to recruit, and a variant of the standard game which transforms your game into a battle for the faith! Follow in the wake of Godfrey of Bouillon, join the ranks of the Teutonic Order, fight alongside Saladin or resist with the Baltic peoples. Do not weaken, for only the valiant will triumph and win eternity in heaven! Hardback, full colour, 76 pages. This book is accompanied by twelve Battle Boards (which may not be sold separately). A copy of the SAGA Rulebook is necessary to use this supplement.
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