Bolt Action: Tank War - US Starter Set

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What used to be one of the most numerous tanks during the war, the M4 Sherman saw battle all over the world. Forming the main battle lines for the British, American and filling in Soviet gaps, the M4 Sherman created the standard that tanks needed to beat. Ahead of the front line, use the M18 Hellcat to scout ahead and outmanoeuvre your opponents. This starter set is filled to the brim with content, here's the breakdown: - 3 Plastic M4 Sherman medium tanks - 3 Plastic M18 Hellcat tank destroyers - An A5 softcover Tank War Bolt Action supplement - A quick start booklet - A quick reference sheet - A set of templates, tokens and pin markers - Bolt Action Stat cards - 6 Bolt Action order dice - A set of vehicle damage markers - Vehicle decal sheets - Rulers and six-sided dice
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