Bolt Action: Tank War - German Starter Set

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Limited steel resources forced Germany's hand to create monstrous tanks, vehicles capable of taking on whole squadrons on their own and coming out on top. Spearheading this assault is the Panther, boasting tough front armour, making it the ideal candidate to take any force head on. Bringing up the rear is the mechanical king of Europe, the Tiger I. Very few enemy weapons will scratch a Tiger's surface, roll over your opponent with your nigh invulnerable task force. This huge value starter set is just about to burst with all of this content, here's what you'll get: - 3 Plastic Tiger I Ausf E heavy tanks - 3 Plastic Panther Ausf A medium tanks - An A5 softcover Tank War Bolt Action supplement - A quick start booklet - A quick reference sheet - A set of templates, tokens and pin markers - Bolt Action Stat cards - 6 Bolt Action order dice - A set of vehicle damage markers - Vehicle decal sheets - Rulers and six-sided dice
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