Bolt Action: KV1/2 Platoon

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The KV-series tanks were a fearsome and formidable weapon during most of the Second World War. At the onset of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, around 500 KV-1 heavy tanks were built. Outclassing every other tank in operational service, it came as something of a rude awakening for the rampant German Panzer divisions. This box has the components to allow you to make either a platoon of KV-1s or KV-2s, you can even mix and match! Here are the full contents: - 3 hard plastic Soviet KV-1 heavy tanks or KV-2 self-propelled artillery - A detailed tank commander - An instruction and painting guide - A full colour waterslide decal sheet - Bolt Action stat cards for an easy gaming reference - Tank damage markers to give your games a realistic aspect - 8 multi-pose plastic Soviet infantry to use as Tank Riders
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