Thracian Mercenary Warriors (Javelins and Heavy Weapons)

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Contains eight Thracian mercenaries with javelins and Rhomphaia

Although the Greeks saw them as nothing but simple raiders, that in no way diminishes their influence on the Greek art of war as the creators of the peltasts. Others were less blind and from Philip II to Perseus, the Kings of Macedon called on these warriors. Several Hellenistic kingdoms, including the Lagids and the Seleucids, created enclaves reserved for the Thracians.
Effective peltasts and talented cavalrymen, they complemented the phalanxes and their ferocity made them a vital investment for any city of kingdom that could afford them.

Supplied with enough separate javelins and Rhomphaia (heavy weapons) so you can arm these mercenaries as you like. Come with plastic base for each figure.