Team Sirius

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  • Kod: INF 0803
  • Producent: Corvus Belli
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
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  • 115,00 zł 76,00 zł

Team Sirius. Team Sirius was conceived as a special K-9 team with synchronized robotic units. As the mythological hound they are named after, once this detective squad scents prey, they never give up on the trail. Team Sirius is fate coming for you with a badge and a gun!

Sale info: New Release! After the wait, Team Sirius is available in a regular catalogue version. This box includes two miniatures: a Sirius with Boarding Shotgun and a Siriusbot. A great addition to complete your O-12 force from the Operation: Wildfire Battle Pack (REF. 280026-0784).