Tai Sheng, Zúyŏng Invincibles NCO (Breaker Rifle)

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  • Kod: INF 0793
  • Producent: Corvus Belli
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I want to help forge Yu Jing’s destiny. And I’m not afraid, because I know I’m not alone. My brothers in arms are with me, the invincible armored troops. They are all like me, citizens who have decided to expose themselves to the greatest danger. All of us are protectors of our nation and makers of its destiny. We will stand firm, we will never surrender, and we will always prevail. This is the message we will take to the whole Sphere.

Sale Info: This blister contains two miniatures: One Tai Sheng character with a Breaker Combi Rifle and one TinBot B with Deflector L2. A resilient Forward Observer and powerful addition to Yu Jing's Invincible Army (REF: 281304-0753). She will be our safeguard when our Lieutenant falls thanks to her Chain of Command option.