Mendoza "Sacred Flame of God"


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Mendoza "Sacred Flame of God"

Mendoza "Sacred Flame of God"


The Mayafilms actor better known in the HexaDome as Padre-Inquisitor Mendoza is now represented as one of the many characters he has incarnated during his career: a fallen angel imbued in the sacred flames of his creator. This way, we create a totally different look for Mendoza while keeping the fire as a common identifying element. This high-quality metal version of Padre-Inquisitor Mendoza offers an alternative design, perfect both for players and collectors. The original Padre Inquisitor Mendoza be found in the Smoke and Mirrors expansion. Remember: You’ll need the expansion in order to play with Mendoza 'Sacred Flame of God', because the tactics cards for the character are not included.
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