Highlander Centre Companies

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The Napoleonic Highland Infantry Centre Companies and Flank Companies. These infantry represent the kilted Highland regiments that fought for Wellington in the Peninsular Wars and at the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo.
This set contains 60 figures including Officers, Standard Bearers, NCO’s, Drummers, Pipers and Infantry figures. There are dozens of separate arm options, separate heads and other pieces that will allow for hundreds of figure variations.

Box content in detail:
These sets contain the following components

4 Officers in trousers
4 Standard Bearers
4 Pipers
4 drummers
4 NCO's
24 infantry in march attack/advancing poses
12 infantry in standing firing/loading poses
4 infantry kneeling firing
72 heads in feathered Highland Bonnets
48 backpacks to be used with all figures with the eception of the officers, standard bearers and pipers.
2 Regimental Colours
2 Kings Colours
Painting guide
March of Eagles rule set