Ranger Hunters

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Swift strikes from nimble attackers can fell any foe.

Speed is often the deciding factor in combat. The one that can get in a good, strong strike against their opponent will be at an advantage for the rest of the battle. The swift Ranger Hunters excel at lightning-fast strikes. Using either their short bow or their trusty daggers, they conduct rapid raids against enemies. However, that speed comes at a price in terms of armor. If caught in a protracted engagement, the favor quickly tips against them.

The Ranger Hunters Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Night’s Watch Commanders a fast and agile unit on the battlefield. Their short bows can reach out and attack enemies before they can fight back. In melee, their Swift Strike attack allows them a free Retreat maneuver afterward. They also gain a bonus when attacking enemies that have yet to activate, allowing them to reroll misses once.


Box Contents

Ranger Hunters
  • 12Miniatures
  • 1Unit Card
  • 1Movement Tray
  • New Options
    New Options
    The Ranger Hunters are a highly adaptable unit, able to strike from afar and finish off foes at close range, giving commanders new options for their force.
  • Highly Detailed Figures
    Highly Detailed Figures
    The Ranger Hunters box comes with 12 figures in three different, highly-detailed poses.
  • Everything in One Box
    Everything in One Box
    The box comes with Unit card, Movement Tray, and a full pre-assembled unit of Ranger Hunters and are ready to play right away.