JSA Action Pack

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  • Kod: INF 0919
  • Producent: Corvus Belli
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
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There was a moment in which the proud Japanese, who had been humiliated and treated like second class citizens by the StateEmpire for far too long, rose up against their oppressors and claimed their freedom.
The Japanese Uprising was a brief but terribly intense and savage conflict, for which the Japanese paid a high price in blood for their victory, but finally managed to tear away from Yu Jing. Now, as a new member of the Non-Aligned Countries, the independent Japan is a minor power, constantly besieged by a fearsome enemy, and with allies that consider it just a way of damaging the StateEmpire.
 This box includes 10 miniatures: 3 Keisotsu with Combi Rifle, 1 Oniwaban with Close Combat Weapon, 1 Kempeitai with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Ryūken with Rocket Launcher, 1 Ryūken with Submachine Gun, 1 Daiyōkai with Close Combat Weapon, 1 Kuroshi Rider on Motorcycle and 1 Kuge Delegate HVT. With this Army Pack you will have all the miniatures you need to start playing with JSA, an army with an incredible charisma and lethal in short distances.