Illyrian Warriors

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Contains eight Illyrian Mercenary Warriors

Quickly famous for their martial prowess, the Illyrians were particularly well-known for their piratical behaviour in the Adriatic Sea, where the extension of their guerilla tactics to naval warfare allowed them to  defeat much heavier Greek and Roman warships. On land, the Illyrians quickly abandoned phalanx combat in favour of smaller units of warriors who were well-armed, well-protected, and above all much faster than their enemies. This let them launch vigorous and targeted assaults and then retreat before the enemy got too strong. This organisation let them not only reap numerous victories but also guaranteed regular mercenary employment in Greek, Macedonian, and Roman armies until Illyria was subdued in its turn by Rome in the middle of the second century BC.

Supplied with separate weapons, shields and plastic bases

Supplied unassembled and unpainted

28mm metal figures