Hortlak Jannisaries (Submachine gun)

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  • Kod: INF 0804
  • Producent: Corvus Belli
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
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Hortlak Jannisaries (Submachine gun). The Soruşturma Bölümü or Investigations Department is staffed by Janissaries trained in information collection and covert action techniques, agents that act clandestinely in foreign territory locating slavers to finish them off. These Janissaries are called Hortlak,

Sale Info: New Release! This blister includes one Hortlak with Submachine Gun and Blitzen. Enjoy the peace of mind of being protected from a Loss of Lieutenant situation, thanks to the Hortlak’s Chain of Command Special Skill you will not suffer this annoyance when playing with the Ramah Taskforce (REF. 280010-0595).