Bolt Action: Soviet Infantry

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This box gives you a platoon of grim Russian infantry with a variety of equipment and weaponry. Assemble your men, fix bayonets, look to your front and don't let the Commissar see you lag behindǃ Soviet Infantry contains: - Enough plastic components to make 40 Soviet Union infantry miniatures - Round plastic bases (25mm diameter) - Background leaflet - A host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models - Weapons include: Mosin Nagant rifle (scoped, with bayonet and without) PTRD Anti-tank rifle submachine guns (PPS-43, PPSh-41 and PPD-40) Mosin Nagant carbine DP-28 light machine gun Tokarev semi-automatic rifle (and bayonet version) Pistols Captured Panzerfaust
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