Rampart: Kazumi Temple

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Looking for treasures, tribal artifacts, or maybe even some ancient knowledge? The Kazumi Temple can offer much more than just that! Beware of suspicious totems, shiny crystals, and sacred altars - you never know what could activate a hidden trap. And remember… even though it’s quiet here, you can't be certain that this place is completely abandoned. You never know who could be watching you from the shadows. - Table - sized battlefield. - Scaled for 28/32mm miniatures. - Build floors and stairs. - Push and fit assembly. - Magnet-friendly. Box contains: - 14x Regular long walls - 8x Ruined long wall segments - 16x Floor supports - 2x Floor tiles - 2x Corner floor tiles - 1x Double floor tile - 12x Column toppers - 24x Half columns - 1x Stairs - 9x Scatter decorations - 68x Decorative plugs All models come unpainted and unassembled.
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