Never Mind the Billhooks Europa Card Deck Expansion

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All the Leader and Special Event cards required for playing a game of Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe, using the new Europa Theatres. Please note: This Card Deck does not include essential Core Rules cards. The Core/Albion Card Deck can be purchased separately. 64 x Play Deck Cards: - Gallia: 4 x English Leader, 4 x French Leader. - Bohemia: 4 x Hussite Leader, 4 x Royalist Leader. - Helvetia: 4 x Swiss, 4 x Burgundian Leader. - Northumbria: 4 x English Leader, 4 x Scottish Leader. - Italia: - 4 x Imperialist Leader, 4 x French Leader, 4 x Spanish Leader, 4 x Italian Leader. - Hibernia: 4 x Rebel Irish Leader, 4 x Irish Leader. - Lusitania: 4 x Rebel Leader, 4 x Royalist Leader.
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