Danish local defense bundle

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Danish local defense bundle allows you fielding Danish local defence skirmish force in every possible combination. Its rules can de downloaded here:

Bundle contains:

RUL-12 Danish Wars  1657-1660
DAN-2 Danish Skirmish set
DAN-4 Danish reiters - seven sets*
DAN-5 Danish infantry - two sets
SWE-1 Reiters - two sets
+ additional mounted commander base

*to diversify appearance of Danish national reiters you can mix them with miniatures from the GDA-2 or BRA-2 sets (you may replace up to the 4 DAN-2 blisters with them, please just let us know about it in "remarks" field

In addition we'll add miniature of Danish Ensign for each order placed by the 12th of April

Attention: you can't use any discount buying this bundle