Old type mercenary infantry regiment

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Mercenary infantry were recruited mainly from Germans, however, there were also some volunteer Scottish regiments and of other nationalities. The owner of the unit received a contract according to which he recruited a unit for the Swedish Crown. The contract included financial terms, size and equipment of the unit. A typical mercenary infantry company consisted of 18 officers and 80-100 privates. Mercenary regiments usually consisted of 8 companies, although there were also some 2-4 company squadrons. Usually musketeers made up about two thirds of a unit. Some mercenary regiments still used old type of equipment popular during TYW: helmets and armor for pikemen and heavy muskets with forks for shot.

ATTENTION: Miniatures from this set can be used in the following armies: Kingdom of Sweden, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Brandenburg and Prussia, Kingdom of Denmark and Norway and Holy Roman Empire - please check their army lists for details.

Set contains:

Colonel’s base

1 mounted officer
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses

Lieutenant Colonel’s base
1 officer on foot
1 musician on foot
1 standard bearer on foot

8 infantry companies
24 pikemen
48 musketeers

26 metal pikes
24 2x4cm bases
2 3x4cm bases
set of mercenary infantry banners