Imperial Infantry Regiment

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As a result of the Thirty Years War, the Imperial infantry was reorganized. The lessons of
this conflict led to a decrease in the numerical strength of regiments and changes in infantry
tactics. In theory, regiments were to consist of 10 companies with 200 soldiers each, but in practise
many of the newly recruited units had less companies and also companies often numbered
fewer than 100 soldiers. Regiments still included pike and shot, although pikemen no longer
used armor. Musketeers used both, older heavy muskets (with forks) and newer ones (without
Set contains:
Colonel’s base
1 mounted officer
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses
Lieutenant Colonel’s base
1 officer on foot
1 musician on foot
1 standard bearer on foot
8 infantry companies
24 pikemen
48 musketeers
26 metal pikes
24 2x4cm bases
2 3x4cm bases
2 sets of banners