Polish cavalry regiment

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POL-25 Polish Cavalry Regiment

During the 17
th century Polish cavalry regiments did not have a permanent organisation. Regiments were usually created for a given campaign, but sometimes they were formed for a single battle. Traditionally the king's and hetman's regiments were the most numerous in the army, numbering as much as 2000 men in more than ten banners, while those less numerous could include only several banners and 400-500 men. 

This set allows to field a Polish
(1650-1666) and Lithuanian (1650-1672) cavalry regiments both in the basic and in elite version. It can also be used as any Polish skirmish force (excluding historical forces). It is also a great supplement for the “Polish Skirmish Force” set and enables to develop it up to 13 FSP!


Set contains:


Colonel's base

colonel miniature

standard bearer


3 horses


2 Cossack style cavalry banners:

2x commander

2x standard bearer

14x Cossack style cavalry

18x Polish horses


Cossack style cavalry with spears banner


standard bearer

7x Cossack style cavalry with spears

9 horses


Pancerni cavalry banner:


standard bearer

7x pancerni

9x Polish horses



13 4x3cm bases

12 spears

Polish command banners set

2 Polish cavalry banners sets


Attention: Product is sold in white carton box (without our usual colour cover)