Lithuanian Winged Hussars Led by Aleksander Hilary Połubiński

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POL-26 Lithuanian Winged Hussars Led by Aleksander Hilary Połubiński

The most famous episode of the three-day battle at Warszawa, fought from 28 to 30 July 1656, was undoubtedly the winged hussars charge led by Aleksander Hilary Połubiński. When charging on the second day of the battle the winged hussars broke two Swedish reiter regiments: Småland and Uppland, they also inflicted heavy losses on guards regiments commanded by von Anhalt and Sulzbach. It is also worth noting that King Karl Gustav was almost killed by a hussar's lance. Fortunately for the Swedes the winged hussars charging him were stopped at the last moment by his lifeguards. The Lithuanian attack did not end in defeat of the Swedish forces (there was not enough support from other units) but inflicted heavy losses on them and surely is one of the most famous winged hussar charges in history.

Set contains:




Alexander Hilary Połubiński's base


Połubiński's miniature


standard bearer




3 horses


2 winged hussars banners


2 commaders


2 standard bearers


14 winged hussars


18 horses






7 4x3cm bases


17 lances


Polish command banners set


2 winged hussars banners sets


2 dead hussars markers