Muscovite Skirmish Force of Alexander Potiomkin in 1658

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At the beginning of August 1658, general Gustav Horn leading about 1700 soldiers landed by the mouth of the Volkhov river in the area of present-day Petersburg.The Muscovite commander Alexander Potiomkin had enough time to gather his forces from the area and prepare a defense. The fort’s garrison included: 2 reiter companies, 425 Don Cossacks, 300 Novgorod streltsy, 2 dragoon companies, and 1 company of settled soldats. Horn had no other choice but to attack the Muscovite position. They fought for several hours in a difficult forested area and the Finns had to assault field fortifications that were constructed on a hill. Potiomkin and his men stubbornly stayed at their positions due to their superior numbers. After a vicious and bloody fight Horn was forced to abandon further attacks and withdraw his forces to Noteburg. The fort remained in Muscovite hands.


This set allows you to field full-strength Alexander Potiomkin's Skirmish Force
described in „Armies of By Fire and Sword. Volume I”

Set contains:

Alexander Potiomkin's base

1 miniature of Alexander Potiomkin
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses

Lieutenant-colonel base
1 mounted commander
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses

3 Don Cossack sotnias
24 mounted Cossacks
24 Cossack on foot
24 horses

2 reiter rotas
12 Muscovite reiters
12 horses

3 border dragoons companies
18 border dragoons

3 town streltsy rotas
18 Muscovite streltsy


14 4x3cm bases
20 4x2cm bases
2 set of banners 
14 metal pikes