K9 Gun Dogs

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Created as guard dogs and sentries during the early days of Payson’s growth from small town to impregnable fortress city, the K9 automata are unusual in that they were and still are entirely mechanical. As the Enlightened moved towards using more esoteric materials in their inventions the K9 has remained as one of their few creations that have not been in some part made partly of living tissue. This is a testament to its reliability.

Though the secrets of their manufacture were eventually given over to the Union by the defector Nikolai Tesla the Enlightened were unwilling to allow a rival to have access to superior technology so created a new K9 model, the H311, colloquially known as ‘the gun dog’. Built to serve as guardians to the heavily fortified Promethean Complexes this up armoured and more heavily armed version of the K9 sacrifices speed for armour and boasts a Gatling gun as well as the standard issue steel jaws. A pack of these beasts is more than a match for even a hardened unit of men with the weight of fire they can lay down. The gun dog also benefits for more advanced cranial engines enhanced with predictive modules that are programmed to mimic aggressive animal behaviour patterns whilst allowing for intuitive target requisition.

Despite Union embargoes the Enlightened sell copious quantities of K9 units on the black market so that it is not only the Union army or sanctioned Lawmen that are accompanied by a pack of these metal mutts. Outlaws, Hex Cultists, even farmers or barkeeps can buy a new best friend if they can afford it. Failing that they can steal them as only the most expensive models have voice recognition keyed to one owner meaning a hard reset in a workshop is usually enough for a change of ownership.