Bakunin Observance Action Pack

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The Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife is a religious organization with a proactive and belligerent attitude against ALEPH, and a key element in the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command where it forms part of the quantronic and tactical intervention teams.

This box includes 9 miniatures for the Bakunin Sectorial Army of Nomads,  5 revamped y 4 totally new.

Revamped miniatures: 

  • 1x Reverend Moira with HMG.
  • 1x Reverend Moira with MULTI Sniper.
  • 1x Reverend Healer Doctor with Boarding Shotgun.
  • 1x Reverend Custodier Hacker with Combi Rifle and Pitcher.
  • 1x Sin-Eater with MULTI Sniper.

New miniatures:

  • 1x Orphans of the Observance Engineer.
  • 1x Reverend Cenobite with Chain Rifle.
  • 1x Reverend Cenobite with Heavy Rocket Launcher.
  • 1x Penitent Observant with Red Fury (thermoplastic).

The perfect box to start playing and collecting your Bakunin army.