Cyborg Hunter

  • Kod: MRC001
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
  • Producent: Nakamura Tower
  • Cena: 37,00 zł
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Cyborg Hunter - mercenary

Delivers the weak, walking the night;

fights injustice and corruption,

matches cold steel with pluck,

calculation with a righteous heart.

Cyborg Hunter, a true hero of our time.

Now YOU can make the world a better place..."

A fragment of the above commercial for the Cyborg Hunter 3 video game was found at the crime scene. The victim’s cyberbody bore signs of struggle as well as kinetic and E/M weaponry. The Human Interface was completely destroyed; no copies were found. The MO and the deliberate planting of the hoload match the previous 17 cases (...)

Excerpt from a report on case FRTH 20394856 Filed by: Lt. Justine Clevel, investigator for the RAID 44 unit

Box content:
  • 1 metal miniatures
  • 1 ID cards
  • 2 weapon and gear cards
  • 1 plastic bases