"BSC Ginger and the Banshee"

  • Kod: BSC004
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
  • Producent: Nakamura Tower
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Daylight seeped in through the slitlike opening. The pale ray shone right into her left eye. Irritating, goading her attention. In these surroundings, singular. It shouldn't be here... A surge of adrenaline amplified by combat drugs pumped in by the medical module finally got its way. Her coming to was like a dip into a pot of boiling water. A wave of pain washed over her, lingering a mere second before the system identified the threat and provided another dose of painkillers.

The haze of unconsciousness finally dispersed, leaving her in a world where the sound of alarm and red flashes of damage icons mingled into one.
She was out for some 7 seconds. An eternity, considering the situation.
It was a miracle she was still breathing.
The light of day, the beam irking her pupil...
A singular thing, an impossibility in the hermetic shell of a heavy exoskeleton.
The realization came with a sullen smile.

Perforation of primary armor, bursting of the anti-shrapnel padding, directly opposite of her face at that. There was a taste of blood in her mouth, but nothing else. The biomonitor showed no major injuries.

She lucked out.
15 seconds after the hit.
Systems on-line, weapons on-line...
Time to get back in the fight.
The battle is far from over.

Lt. Bonnie "Ginger" Barlett, Heavy Exos Pilot,

Black Stone Commandos

Box content:
  • 2 multi-parts metal miniatures
  • 3  ID cards
  • 7 weapon and gear cards
  • 2 plastic bases