AVP Predator Hellhounds UniCast

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  • Kod: PIC201318
  • Producent: Prodos Games LTD
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The alien creatures the yautja utilize to flush out their prey are commonly referred to as ‘Hellhounds’. Controlled
by a Predator using a high-pitched whistle, the Hellhounds can be called back to their master before they inflict
too much damage or even kill their chosen prey. This would be counter-productive to what the yautja use them
for, since they would not be able to claim the trophy of a target the dogs had mauled to death.

Predator’s making use of these creatures wear armour plates on their legs to prevent being hurt by the animal’s
natural spikes and horns adorning its body. The skin of a Hellhound is thick; able to withstand gunshots from
even heavy caliber weapons and requiring several well placed shots to take them down.

While they are commonly called ‘hounds’, the creatures are more reptilian in appearance, their skin being
covered in scales and thick horned appendages. They also are able to somewhat shrug off the blood of
Xenomorphs, as it has been witnessed that during one such hunt, they left no shred of their prey intact.

Throughout a hunt, the tracker will often order them to split up and attack from several angles to gauge how the
prey reacts, all the while assessing the combat strength of target. While the tracker will often appear to callously
send them to their death, their purpose is to find weaknesses and to wear down the prey. Their lives are nothing
when measured against that of a yautja’s.


Box contains:

  • 2x 32mm resin miniatures
  • 2x 30mm plastic bases
  • 2x 30 mm ping tokens
  • 1x statistics card