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Used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps, the UD-4L is a combat utility spacecraft designed to deliver troops and equipment rapidly into combat zones. The cargo hold is specifically designed to hold an M577 APC with its turret stowed, but in some cases it could be utilized to carry large amounts of equipment, emergency supplies, or even entire companies of troops to the ground. It has the ability to take off and land vertically from almost any terrain type large enough to accommodate its size.

After it has deployed its cargo, the UD-4L will often adopt a gunship role in combat. With a crew of two, a pilot and a weapons officer, the Cheyenne is an efficient piece of hardware.

The two main weapon bays fold out to deploy missile pods containing sixteen 150mm Banshee 70 rockets, six 70mm Mk.10 Zeus rockets, and four 120mm anti-tank Mk.88 missiles each. Two missile pods on either side of the front fuselage often carry AIM-90E Headlock anti-aircraft missiles to deal with airborne threats. A GAU-113B gatling cannon is mounted directly under the cockpit which is typically used for strafing enemy infantry units.

The entire craft is coated in superplastic-formed diffusion-bonded metal matrix composites, or MMC armour for short. While it is able to withstand many ranged attacks, should even light damage occur, it would prevent the dropship from escaping to orbit until repaired.