Atotoztli, the Aztec Warrior (28 mm)

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  • Kod: HD-28-31
  • Producent: Wargamer
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
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Atotoztli, the Aztec Warrior (28 mm)

Be not afraid - she will give you her heart rather than take yours

When she has a bad day, Atotoztli thinks that real men are just a myth... It seems that today's men are afraid of strong and independent women. But it doesn't mean she give up! Sooner or later, she will find a boy who will be brave enough to take at least a little piece of her heart.

Model wykonany jest z metalu, wymaga sklejenia. Klej nie jest częścią zestawu.

Miniature made of metal. Requires assembly. Glue is not a part of this set.